Westport Albacore Tuna Fishing Report 2014

We’ve all been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the season’a first Albacore to hit the offshore areas of Washington, and guess what? They have arrived! The first phenomenal tuna report came in from Captain Mark Coleman yesterday. Lots of Albacore action out in the deep blue!

Mark steered his charter boat, Reel Ultra, out of the harbor and headed Southwest, and found all the telltale Tuna signs about 55 miles from Westport.

Good water temps. Lots of sealife and bird activity. Time to troll. They dragged tuna clones around a really fishy area and found a great bite, they caught Albacore on the troll, and found a few nice schools and decided to setup for live baiting them. Fishing was really good and there were flurries of activity while fishing live anchovies.

At the end of the day, around Fifty Albacore Tuna hooked, and the crew brought back about thirty five. Mark told me that having a such an awesome day early on is a great indication that this will be, yet another epic Albacore Tuna season in Westport.

Mark operates two Express Style charter boats in Westport that will be going full bore on Tuna through October. Check it out at All Rivers & Saltwater Charters