Washington Lingcod Seasons 2014

Lingcod are one of Washington State’s most popular bottom fish, and almost every marine area offers a fishing season for these voracious predators. They are prized for their aggressive hunting habits, their willingness to strike a variety of lures and bait, and their delicious filets. Washington has such diverse marine areas, each has its own character. In nearshore areas, Lingcod can be found concentrated around inshore bottom structure such as marina breakwaters, jetties, shoals and rockpiles. Along Washington’s Pacific Coast, they reside along the rocky coastline outward to the depths around the edge of the continental shelf. Here is a breakdown of the 2014 Lingcod Season for Washington State. This is just a simple guide, please consult the Washington State Fishing Regulation Pamphlet for full rules. Please be aware that each area may have a specific depth restriction, marine preserves closed to fishing, retention limits, emergency rules.

[table caption=”Washington Lingcod Seasons 2014″ width=”500″ colwidth=”100″
Area,Season,Limit,Min,Max,Depth Restriction
MA1: Ilwaco,March 15-October 18,2,22”,None,Yes
MA2: Westport,March 15-October 18,2,22”,None,Yes
MA3: La Push,March 15-October 18,2,22″,None,Yes
MA4: Neah Bay,April 16-October 15,2,22″,None,Yes
MA5: Sekiu,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA6: East Straits,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA7: San Juan Islands,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA8-1: Skagit Bay,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA8-2: Everett,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA9: Admiralty Inlet,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA10: Seattle,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA11:Tacoma,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes
MA12: Hood Canal,CLOSED,-,-,-,-
MA13:South Sound,May 1-June 15,1,26″,36″,Yes