Snoqualmie Valley’s Best Fishing Lakes

The Snoqualmie Valley is located just east of Seattle and Bellevue; it is well known for its country charm, small farming towns and multitude of outdoor recreation options. The Snoqualmie Valley’s lakes offer great fishing close to the city yet away from the hectic pace of urban life. Lakes in the valley feature a nice mix of Largemouth Bass, Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout.

Whether you are looking for great lake fishing close to Issaquah, Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle or Kirkland… the lakes of the Snoqualmie Valley are a great nearby option!

Fishing Season

Most lakes in the Snoqualmie Valley open to fishing on the last Saturday in April and remain open through October. Several Snoqualmie Valley lakes are open to fishing year round.

Lake Margaret in Duvall

Lake Margaret is one of the more popular fishing lakes in the Snoqualmie Valley. It is located about 5 miles northeast of Duvall, Washington. Fishing is a popular pastime for lakeside homeowners, but most of the folks out on the lake access Lake Margaret from the public fishing access located on the lake’s southern end. The public fishing access offers good bank fishing and a place to launch a small boat. Lake Margaret is opened for fishing from the last Saturday in April through October. The lake is heavily stocked with Rainbow Trout and also has a healthy population of Cutthroat Trout that spawn in Margaret Creek on the north side of the lake. While this lake offers Largemouth Bass fishing, very few anglers target them.

Lake Joy in Duvall

Lake Joy is located about five miles southeast of Duvall, Washington. The lake offers no public access, but is a local favorite for those that have access via a friend with a lakefront home. The lake is very woody; its shoreline is ringed with a thick mat of lily pads by early summer. Lake Joy is a Largemouth Bass fishing paradise. Fishing for Largemouth Bass starts in April and remains good through September. Fishing is open year round.

Mud Lake in Duvall

Mud Lake is a small pond located on the eastern edge of downtown Duvall, Washington. It is a very murky lake that has public access, is rarely fished but offers Largemouth Bass. Fishing is open year round.

Lake Marcel in Duvall

Lake Marcel is located about four miles southeast of Duvall, Washington. It is a private lake with a park designated for local residents only. Fishing for Rainbow Trout and Largemouth Bass is decent. Fishing is open year round.

Cottage Lake in Woodinville

Cottage Lake is located four miles east of Woodinville, Washington. Cottage Lake County Park is a large public area with a fishing dock, car topper boat launch and plenty of bank access. The lake is heavily stocked with Rainbow Trout in the spring and has great Largemouth Bass fishing. The lake is opened for fishing from the last Saturday in April through October.

Sikes Lake in Carnation

Sikes Lake is located north of Carnation, Washington and borders Carnation Farms Road. Sikes is a long, narrow lake and surrounded by fields. This lake is well known by locals for its trophy Largemouth Bass. This lake is open to fishing year round, but fishing is best from March through September.

Lake Langlois in Carnation

Langlois is one of the most popular lakes in the Snoqualmie Valley. This beautiful lake is located about one mile south of Carnation, Washington. There is a public fishing access on NE 24th Street (Lake Langlois Road) which is a great place to launch a boat but doesn’t really have any bank fishing opportunities. It is a deep lake that is full of bass fishing structure (docks, downed trees, logs, ect.). The lake is open for fishing on the last Saturday in April through October. The lake is heavily stocked with Rainbow Trout, and also hosts a population of very big Largemouth Bass.

Ames Lake in Redmond

Ames Lake is located two miles west of Carnation, Washington. This lake has no public access. For those that have access to the lake, fishing for Perch, Largemouth Bass and Trout is good from April through October. Ames Lake is open year round.

Lake Alice in Fall City

Lake Alice is located south of Fall City, Washington. The lake is ringed with homes, but has a small public fishing access; this access point is primarily a boat launch site, and offers little bank fishing opportunities. Lake Alice is opened to fishing year round, and is stocked with Rainbow Trout. The lake hosts a fair number of Largemouth Bass as well. This is a great place to fish in the early spring before most of the Snoqualmie Valley’s best lakes open in late April.

The Millpond in Snoqualmie

Borst Lake (The Millpond) is located ¼ mile east of downtown Snoqualmie. It is accessible from Millpond Road, where there is ample bank access and a few great places to launch a canoe, kayak or small skiff from the road. The Millpond is a very large and shallow lake that quickly gets choked by lily pads as the water warms in the late spring. This lake offers great Largemouth Bass fishing yet few actually fish here. Borst Lake is opened for fishing year round.

Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend

Rattlesnake Lake is located about six miles south of North Bend, Washington. Access to the lake is from 436th Avenue SE which leads right into Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area, a popular access point for backpackers, day hikers and fishermen. The lake is open year round for catch & release fishing. It is heavily stocked with Rainbow Trout. Expect light crowds as the non-retention and barbless rules have left the lake to a few dedicated anglers, mainly fly fisherman.