Saturday’s Spot Shrimp Challenge

Old Mother Nature just couldn’t seem to make up her mind this week. Thursday’s Lingcod adventure transpired under beautiful blue skies on a calm Puget Sound. Saturday’s Shrimp escapade was a little different. I accepted a last-minute (like 6am the morning of) invite to meet up with my buddies Brian and Al. Blurry-eyed, I jumped out of bed, collected what I could, and raced to Edmonds. Initially, I expected to stay home, yet a last minute invite is far better than no invite at all! As I sped along on the highway to Edmonds, I was already conjuring up memories of that unbeatable flavor that only those fresh-from-the-sea Spot Shrimp can offer. We only get a few days each Spring to fish for them, but the Sound’s bounty is well worth the effort.

We worked our shrimping gear near Edmonds, as did many others on Saturday morning. There were a few tangles, a few pots that drifted into our lines, but for the most part, it was a smooth operation. Brian brought the bait which was a mixture of shrimp pellets, fish oil, and canned mackerel. Several pots we pulled had upwards of 70 Spot Shrimp, most had between 20 to 50. So we worked hard for a few limits, and with a “second-shift” of eager friends hoping to get in on the experience, I ended my day at about noon, with a hefty bag of Spot Shrimp. They got divided up between myself, my parents and my brothers family. Just enough for a snack!

I hope that everyone that was out there on Satuday did well on their limits, stayed safe, and had a good time. Here are a few photos from our day out.