How To Tie a Marabou Twitching Jig for Coho

Twitching jigs has recently become a very popular method to catch Coho Salmon in rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Coho cannot resist the erratic rhythm of a properly presented jig; even those that seem to ignore more traditional offerings can easily be tempted into biting. A Coho jig is a larger offering than one would use for Steelhead, and has not only more weight but also a larger profile.


While several tackle manufacturers have begun to offer jigs that are designed for salmon fishing, most serious anglers prefer to tie their own.

I decided to write this post to help out anyone looking for a basic guide to tie marabou jigs. I’ve spoken with many fishers and have found that there is a wide array of colors that will work on our Northwestern rivers, but you will find that there might be a few very specific color offerings that are most effective in your favorite area: experiment until you find that magic pattern!
These are very easy to tie and require just a few tools and materials. Before getting started you will need…


  • Fly Tying Vise
  • Scissors
  • Bobbin (Thread Holder)
  • Super Glue or Head Cement


  • Jighead: ¼, 3/8 or ½ oz jighead on a heavywire hook
  • Thread: Uni-Thread 3/0 Black
  • Body: Blood Quill Marabou in your favorite colors

Step 1

Start by securing the jighead in the vise. You will be applying a fair amount of tension with the wrapping thread so make sure it is in there good!

Step 2

Take thread and make multiple wraps around the hook shank, overlap the thread to secure it onto the jighead hook shank.

Step 3

Make a decision on the size of the jig’s profile. Select 4 to 5 marabou feathers and measure and cut them out 2” to 3” for larger profile jigs. Select 2 to 3 marabou feathers and measure and cut them out 1.5” to 2” for smaller profile jigs.

Step 4

Tightly tie each marabou feather next to the jighead individually. (If you want to make the Twitching Jig more durable, coat the thread with a little fly tying head cement or super glue between each marabou feather.)

Step 5

Make multiple thread wraps to completely secure all marabou feathers, conceal marabou feather stems, and make a clean looking finish.

Step 6

Take thread and make numerous half-hitch knots around the finished thread. Then trim thread.

Step 7

Add super glue or fly tying head cement to the thread, this will bind the wrapping and prevent the jig from unraveling.

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