Fishing Season Opening Day

Opening day of the Washington trout season is quite a spectacle, as people from all over the state head to their local lake to wet a line. Fish & Wildlife touts the last Saturday in April as the “biggest fishing day of the year”, and with and hundreds of lakes across Washington stocked with catchable-size trout, it is a great time of year to own a fishing rod. I enjoyed the morning on my local trout lake, Pine Lake up on the Sammamish Plateau. I have a special place in my heart for this peaceful suburban lake, it is the place where I caught my very first fish many years ago, which was the start of my lifelong passion for fishing. To spend a morning catching trout with ease, on a beautiful spring day was a thrill. I headed out with my pal Ray, who specializes on kid’s fishing this time of year.

The beauty of lake fishing is in its simplicity. Many salmon fishermen shell out thousands on equipment, steelhead anglers sometimes over think everything, but even the most novice trout fisherman can have an exceptional day with only a few bucks worth of bait & tackle.

It was a great morning, it was awesome to share a few laughs with Ray as we caught & released trout every couple minutes. We trolled around the center of Pine Lake in Ray’s drift boat utilizing his electric trolling motor. We trolled with a small fly/bead/spinner blade lure behind a trout dodger. Once the gear was deployed, Ray worked to keep the dodgers wobbling at just the right speed. Between our two rods, we probably hooked 40 trout and landed half as many. One nice holdover caught our attention as it screamed line off the small spinning reel, but we landed it!

It was a great day to be out, with plenty of jovial cheers coming from the public fishing dock at the park. Lots of folks caught their first fish today, I am sure.

If you are interested in learning how to fish for trout, especially if you want to share a great fishing experience with your kids, I would highly recommend a trip with Ray! Fishing for an Experience