Best Jigs for Winter Steelhead

Float fishing with a jig has become one of our most favored techniques for Winter Steelhead. I thought I would throw together a list of my favorite jig brands along with some of my go to hand tied patterns. There are plenty of guys out there that have started their own Steelhead Jig Companies that are true artists.

Jigs should be a part of every anglers winter arsenal.

Jigs should be a part of every anglers winter arsenal.

Aerojig Hackle Series

Aerojig’s original hackle series has been one of my all time favorites. These small profile jigs are great for a range of river conditions from dirty-green water to gin-clear water. Whether the fish have been hammered by anglers, are lethargic due to cold water temps or flat out aggressive, Aerojig Hackles are always one of the first jigs I tie on.

Aerojig Marabou Series

The larger profile of Aerojig’s Marabou Series has been extremely effective for me when targeting aggressive Wild Steelhead. I’ve fished with several guides on the Olympic Peninsula and when the big fish are in, these marabou jigs are good producers.

John’s Jigs

John’s Jigs were one of the first commercially tied Steelhead Jigs on the market. They are an extremely durable rabbit fur jig, with a variety of styles & color combinations.

Yakima Maxi Jigs

Yakima Bait Company may be better know for their Corkies, Spin Glos and Rooster Tails, but their series of high quality Steelhead jigs have been well received by those in the Northwest fishing community. These jigs are a little pricey, but they are tied on a super sharp Owner Cutting Point Hook.

Beau Mac Pro Series Jigs

As for an easy-to-find bead style jig, the Beau Mac Pro Series is one of my favorites. These jigs are tied on Gamakatsu hooks, come in a variety of fish catching colors and can be found in every tackle shop in the Northwest.

Hand-tied Worm Jig

This is probably one of the easiest jigs to “tie”. I will make one wrap of UV Polar Chenille as a collar and then super glue on a small pink worm. This jig is one of my favorites for late season Wild Steelhead.

Hand-tied Chenille Jig

Hareline Dubbin offers a series of dyed rabbit fur that was originally sold for guys tying Alaska flesh patterns. I love the Cotton Candy color to use as a tail, then crystal chenille for a body.

Hand-tied Palmered Marabou Jig

Jighead, marabou, thread… just pick a fishy color and you’re done! I find that the simplistic approach often out produces complex patterns with a long list of materials.

Hand-tied Neon Nightmare

I find myself infusing UV Polar Chenille into more of my traditional ties. The Nightmare is one of the most universal jig patterns, to I took it and added a few wraps of flashy UV.

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  1. always done good with pink and orange maribou with pink chenile and the jig head black

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