Best Dick Nite Spoons for Coho Salmon Fishing

Dick Nite Spoons are one of the top producing lures on many Northwest Rivers, primarily northern Puget Sound rivers. Many anglers who fish the Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skykomish, Stillaguamish and Skagit rivers wouldn’t head to the river without their favorite Dick Nites. Here is a list of the top selling and top producing colors.

#10 – #03 Copper

Regardless of whether you are casting a heavy spoon, spinner or Dick Nite, copper seems to be a color that consistenly produces strikes. I prefer to fish copper in very clear water where salmon are a little less aggressive.

#9 – #08 Green & Pearl

Green with a pearl back is an excellent option for any river, I’ve caught Coho on this color in almost every river I’ve fished with Dick Nites.

#8 – #22 Nickel-Pink Head

I’ve never really considered Nickel/Pink as a top producer until a buddy mine outfished me 3-0 on the Skykomish one year, it just goes to show that sometimes a wild card can out produce an old standby like the 50/50!

#7 – #19 Brass-Red Head

Red and brass seems to be a popular color, it flat out produces. I’ve had mixed results, but occasionally it has been the only producer for the day.

#6 – #94 Pearl-Green Head

Pearl and green is a great color combination for dirty water. When coho are still too spooked to take larger lures like spinners or plugs, a pearl/green Dick Nite can often trigger a bite.

#5 – #96 Brass-Green Head

A great color pattern for low water and lockjawed Coho. While I’ve caught many fish on the Wee’s and standards, the larger #2’s also produce in this color.

#4 – #91 Nicket-Chartreuse Head

Chartreuse and nickel are a great combination for Coho in dirty water.

#3 – #77 Frog-Nickel Back

The classic frog pattern paired with a nickel back offers Coho their favorite color (chartreuse) with a little flash that drives Coho crazy.

#2 – #13 Frog-Pearl Back

The pearl-back frog is an extremely effective pattern for moderate to high water conditions. Coho love anything chartreuse, and even a tiny fluttering lure of their favorite color will induce wild strikes.

#1 – #14 50/50

50/50 Dick Nite Spoons are by far the most productive and popular lure on many rivers, the color combination seems to produce in any water conditions. Whether fishing dirty high water to gin-clear low water, make sure you’ve got some #0 and #1 50/50 Dick Nites.

Sizing & Colors

The model numbers for Dick Nites are usually 3 digits: #114 = Size 1, Color 14. 4 digit model numbers designate a UV color. Dick Nite Spoons are available in three sizes.

SMALL: “Wee Nite” or size 0
MEDIUM: Standard Dick Nite or size 1
LARGE: Jumbo Dick Nite or size 2

For more color patterns check out