2013 Hood Canal Spot Shrimp Season

Each May, the Hood Canal becomes a boating Mecca, as anglers from across the Pacific Northwest descend upon this arm of Puget Sound in search of its sweetest saltwater prize, the Hood Canal Spot Shrimp. Each year, the Hood Canal is opened to the harvest of Spot Shrimp (also called Spot Prawns). The Hood Canal has long been known for its large Spot Shrimp, plenty of easy limits, and a reliable season that for years has given shrimpers more open days than other areas of Puget Sound.

2013 Hood Canal Spot Shrimp Season

Marine Area 12 (Hood Canal Shrimp District)

  • Saturday May 4: 9am to 1pm
  • Wednesday May 8: 9am to 1pm
  • Wednesday May 15: 9am to 1pm
  • Saturday May 18: 9am to 1pm
  • Wednesday May 22: 9am to 1pm

The state will assess the catches during these days and decide whether an additional day will be available. As always, this information is a helpful guide; I recommend you visit the OFFICIAL WDFW 2013 PUGET SOUND SPOT SHRIMP SEASON NEWS RELEASE.

Hood Canal Spot Shrimp Limits

The daily limit for Hood Canal Spot Shrimp is 80 per person. Get the full regulations at Get the full regulations at WDFW SHELLFISH REGULATIONS.


Limits of Spot Shrimp!

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  1. Avatar of Andrew Moravec

    Huh, I never associated the halibut season & shrimp season dates… interesting…there are a few bizarre holidays on May 11th, maybe a coincidence?

    May 11:

    Eat What You Want Day

    International Migratory Bird Day

    Twilight Zone Day


  2. GREAT!!!

    (WDFW)…I have great idea…we can give an extra Wednesday to the working stiff, and their families in school. That way, when the tides with the wind and rain’s blow in on a Saturday…they can have the extra day…mid week.
    With only an “opener” Saturday the 4th, and 2 weeks later May 18th. I had made plans to shrimp with my son-in-law on May 11th, (closed) OK then, I checked on Halibut fishing the Strait’s…opener May 2-4 (Thu-Sat) CLOSED May 9-11.
    (WDFW)…What up with May 11???

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